Sophie, Revisited

She’s a sweet 16-year-old now, and in need of some photos for her yearbook. She’s changed a bit since I took this shot of her eight years ago. Read More

Xenophon 2019 Gala

Photobooth made an appearance once again. This year’s shots make me very happy. Here are a few of my favorites. Read More

Interesting Comment

I just noticed a very interesting comment to a post I made almost fourteen years ago. Look at the comment from “Lemou” on this page. Read More

Another Cover Shot

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I made the Cover!

I was asked to provide a graphic for the cover of the GeneStudio S5 owner’s manual. Read More

Akoya Biosystems Codex™

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Before and after.

I saw this very poorly PhotoShopped image in one of our product brochures, and saw so many problems with it that I just HAD to do a better version. Read More

Janet and Kelly

Janet and Kelly at Jack London’s Wolf House on a beautiful day in Glen Ellen. Read More

Sometimes a photo is the quickest/best solution.

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Wedding Bands

After doing a simple rendering of a shiny piece of metal for a friend, I was inspired to try my hand at rendering some jewelry. For my first test, I decided to see what kind of results I could get modeling and rendering our wedding bands, designed by her school chum, the brilliant Scott Knutson. Read More

Kelly’s ring was considerably harder to model, but I learned a LOT in the process!

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Seems like no matter how nice a rendering looks, it can ALWAYS be improved upon.

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OK, I’m inspired now. This is my wedding band. It doesn’t look quite this shiny any more. :)

I’ll take a shot at Kelly’s beautiful ring next! Read More

I am often asked to place products into realistic settings.

I am often asked to place products into realistic settings. For this sample, I downloaded a generic image of a lab and used the Cinema4D Camera Matching tool to perfectly match the perspective of the image, cloned the instruments 6 times, rendered the instruments along with their reflections and shadows along with an alpha (transparency) Read More

I love my job.

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More 3D magic.

This is inside the cool microscope. Read More

More work in progress.

More work in progress. Read More

Work in progress.

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